Here are a few common denominators to success:

  • Most successful people are born at the right time in the right place and come from the right background. Yes, the answer may troublesome, but the reality of it is that luck plays a huge hand in success. If Bill Gates hadn’t been born in the mid-1950s as a white, middle-class American male and didn’t have unlimited access to his school’s computer systems so he could spend countless hours learning how to code, he may have never had the requisite skill set to build Microsoft.
  • Successful people read a lot. It’s very, very rare that those who don’t read and learn consistently become successful. Warren Buffett claims to read 500 pages per day. What few there are that don’t read are often a byproduct of survivorship bias (Gary Vaynerchuk) or were born rich (like our dear US President).
  • They don’t consider their work “work” but see it as something that they must do. Elon Musk isn’t working 100 hours per week. He’s trying to save the damn world from itself, and that’s all he thinks about.
  • Successful people have a lot of money, but money is rarely the point. Often, successful people are driven by something much bigger than themselves, and only see money as a means to an end.

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