4 Ways to Find Passion and Purpose in Your Life

In the trenches of the corporate world, it’s hard to see past where you are. You have to confront your fears to find your purpose—because without purpose, we leave ourselves susceptible to the anxiety-driven, going-nowhere-fast career.

Find your passion with these four steps:

1. Dig deep.

Ask questions instead of creating conclusions. Questions lead to growth and expansion; conclusions lead to dead ends. Ask yourself: What am I thinking? What else is possible? Would I love this? And simply: Why?

2. Map your future.

Create a “passion plan” comprised of three lists: Companies that pique your interest, job descriptions that sound like fun and specific functions you would enjoy from job descriptions. Then, determine where to look, what additional training you might need, which companies to contact and what people to add to your network.

3. Do the 40/20.

Structure your time so that you work 40 hours, but budget 20 additional hours outside of your job to:

  • Assemble your passion plan.
  • Develop and refine your brand (LinkedIn profile, résumé, etc.).
  • Network and talk to everyone. Take bold actions like making the calls you’ve always feared and developing ways to stand out from the crowd.

4. Look at the big picture.

Identify patterns and themes in your life. What have they prepared you to do? What do others come to you for advice about? What comes as easily to you as breathing but is a struggle for others?

Most important, make life about always being true to who you are and not who or what family, friends, teachers and society tell you that you should be. Only then will you find your passion. The more aligned your thoughts and beliefs are to your purpose and passions, the easier it becomes to make decisions, set and achieve goals, and keep “work sickness” from infecting your life.

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